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    Improve R&D Efficiency and Shorten Development Time

    Dr. Spilker uses a proprietary assessment tool developed during many years of experience to help him evaluate areas of R&D weakness in large and small companies.

    He will spend up to five days to:

    • Interview selected staff
    • Review your current systems, and then will
    • Propose multiple options for significant improvement and cost savings in R&D

    Dr. Spilker's 15 textbooks provide principles that are standards in many companies today. As a student of the pharmaceutical industry he has taken these principles plus tips and lessons presented in three volumes of "The Spilker Report" to identify about 25 highly specific counter-productive practices that are common in both large and small companies. He will determine which of these practices are being used in your company, and will show you how to avoid them to eliminate delays in development, save expenditures and enhance productivity.

    He is able to assess just the clinical or regulatory area within your organization if you prefer to focus on one of those areas instead of having him review the overall R&D unit.

    GUARANTEE: Dr. Spilker is confident of his ability to provide significant value to pharmaceutical companies, and if you do not find that his evaluation leads to improvements and cost savings you will not owe him for his professional services.

    IN-HOUSE SEMINAR: Dr. Spilker can provide a half-day in-house seminar on this topic if you prefer that approach to having him assess your company's systems and practices.

    Masters Seminar Series

    This program involves Dr. Spilker speaking at your company 4 to 6 times over a year for two hours on each occasion. Sessions are held in a conference room for up to 18 staff or managers invited by the company. These are highly interactive sessions and topics are jointly arranged. Case studies and exercises are often included as part of this series.

    Scholars Program

    This program involves Dr. Spilker speaking at your company 4 to 6 times over a year for two hours on each occasion. Sessions are held in an auditorium and are open to as many people as the company wishes. Discussion is encouraged throughout the talks. Topics are jointly chosen and can be tailored to specific issues of the company's interests, and may include case studies and exercises for the group to work on.

    Enhancing Recruitment

    Dr. Spilker is widely known as the author of a major book on patient recruitment methods and he brings this expertise to help companies seeking approaches to enhance their recruitment efforts. He can help address problems, or discuss how to avoid common recruitment problems from occurring.

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